Prelaunch + Preload


 Prelaunch+ Preload Process Update and Instructions

Welcom to all my friends and associates ... It has been quite the journey over the past few months as we have navigated through a number of issues. As Lita and I looked to become a part of the Next Relational Marketing Opportunity. We want to thank all of you who have supported us in and throughout this wild and crazy process in determining where we will be launching out Next Brig Thing.


This past week –Lita and I made a decision on what Company that we believe would best fit our & your Needs for Being able to fulfill all of our Life’s Missions and provide for all of our Hopes and Dreams.
We wanted a Company that could provide the Infrastructure that could meet the demands of the kind of Network we know we are capable of building.   Praise God, we got there thru a process of holding to some rather high standards and trusting the Lord to direct our steps into the Right Relationships.   Once again, Thank you for all of your Prayers and Support throughout this process.  We are now ready to start the Prelaunch Process by Identifying all those folks we are going to Personally Preload in the Binary Matrix.  Congratulations, you all will be 1stin…  Lets all work hard to make it worth your while. 
We are planning to Launch into our New Venture in the next 2-5 Weeks…Hoping for the end of August to 1stpart of Sept 2018
We have much to do in order to get the most out of this Prelaunch/Preload/ Period.    Lets get to it.    Here is some insight into what we plan to accomplish over the next month or so. 

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    I will be Preloading all my Personals into a Binary Matrix over the next few weeks.   We will then have each of you (my Personals) Draw out your Personals that are Strictly for this Preload –get all their Pertinent Info for enrollment, and you Determine their Placement in your Binary Tree.    Then its your turn to do the same.   Please have a Sense of Urgency in doing this…your info 1st then your personals.   You will Draw out your Personals in the Left Sales Team and the Right Sales Team.    I am making my Personals aware of Which Leg they are in so as to know which is your OVERFLOW Leg.     
We will ensure you have all your personally sponsored folks placed into the preload matrix where you desire them to be.  Don’t overthink this, no one has a crystal ball and know who will or won’t build this.  You basically place a minimum of 3-5 Networkers in the Overflow Leg and all of your Family Members also…   Then you will place the balance of your Preload folks in the Other Leg or Team.  All in the Outside Positions…   Your ultimate Goal to maximize the Comp Plan is to Place 20 in the Left Leg and 20 in the Right leg.      Most folks won’t do this in this Preload period.    I will, but I have a boat load of Prospects that I have developed over the past 30yrs of Networking. Don’t think that you can’t reach all your Goals in time after we Launch and actually start Building the Business.  Relax and don’t get Anxious in this Prelaunch Period…Enjoy the journey.   Plenty of folks out there for you to build a Diamond business and beyond. 20/20 to Diamond and Beyond…Big 6-7 figure incomes to all who get there.
    In this Preload   Here are your Goals:   You will want 2-5-10-20-30-40 Personals for you to reach the executive levels and maximize the compensation plan.   5-5 will get you to Bronze-Gold   10-10 will get you Gold-Ruby 15-15 will get you Emerald to Diamond   and 20-20 Diamond and Beyond.   Remember, all these Preloads are your Intimate Friends whom you can Influence into the Preload without Selling, Convincing or Coercing …  Simply Share and Direct em in. These are your Warm Personal Contacts –Friends and Past Associates who Understand the Value of being Preloaded Early, so they have this 1stin Advantage prior to Launch.  You’re Welcome…    When we turn on the backroom…you will see a number of folks in your overflow leg that we placed their for your benefit.   Thank the Person who choose you to participate.  : ) 
    Please check out the steps below to assist you in getting positioned and started.  Onward and Upward


Step 1: Register & Secure your Position

Brig Hart and the TBA Company are joining forces to take to market a variety of Heath and Wellness products through a powerful Marketing Model. Currently we are registering all Friends and Believers whom we can Influence in fully based on Relationship. 
"Friends do what Friends do."
This next couple of weeks we will be offering you the Opportunity to REGISTER - Fill out Forms for both your Positon and Binary Tree Placement. Return to Sponsor and Upline APAP in order to Maximize our efforts to Load as many as possible in the next few weeks.    


Step 2:  Influence others into the Preload
   After you Register and Return Forms, we will then offer you the chance to do the same with your Intimate Relationships ...Time for you to Influence your sphere of Influence into the Preload Process and secure their Positions. You will have a couple of weeks in this Prelaunch period to Preload your friends and associates in the Binary Matrix prior to our Launch in Aug-Sept. 
2 to 40 Personals … 5/5 = Gold , 10/10 = Ruby ,  15/15 = Emld ,  20/20 = Diamond and Beyond.


We will be supporting the Prelaunch and Preload period with Conf Calls to keep you and your group up to speed with any insights that they will benefit from.  We will also continue Sharing the coming Opportunity with their Friends and Associates on 1on 1 calls,  group calls,  Conf Calls and Zoom Meetings… Helping as many folks as you choose to share with in this Prelaunch period.   More you Preload in advance, the greater the effect you’ll have when we Launch.   Momentum : )


Every Night @ 9pm EST


and enter in the ID: 551-246-676

or attend by phone

Dail in at 408-638-0986

with the ID: 551-246-676#


Step 3:   PreLaunch: Register with Company & Place Initial Orders

2 Weeks Prior to Launch, we will Turn your Back Room on so that you can view your Position and your preloaded organization.   We will announce the Name of the Company and Give you opportunity to Formally Register – Place your Initial Order – Buy in Levels are ($150, $700 & $2000).Then you can set your AutoShip and Activate your Position.  You will then see your BackRoom and Replicated website. We have a Unique Opportunity to participate in a venture to help improve the lives of all those people who desire better Health: Physically, Financially, Emotionally and Spiritually. Dare to Dream a Dream once again and join us in this exciting NewAdventure.


Step 4:  Launch of Business   Volume goes Active   Time to Build
After you have Activated your Position now its time to Get Qualified and Build towards your Goals. We will get you Plugged into the R3G System and work with you to achieve the levels you so desire.   Our hope for each and everyone of you is to Go Diamond and Beyond,   Relational Marketing is simple… Use your own products, Merchandise a small amount & Teach others to do the same.  Its all about replicating that which works.   Team R3G will work with you to Build, Manage, Maintain and Replicate your Business and Success.   You can do it…we will help. 
Onward and Upward with Brig & Lita Hart & Team R3Global


Phil 3:13-14   13Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus