A loving mom of three who has supported Brig’s ventures with her faith and impeccable operations savvy. She’s the “rock and glue” who, like many moms, balances the lives of her family with unconditional love and unwavering guidance. She loves health and wellness, and has been using integrative health methods for the past 25 years keeping her family healthy. Lita never stops learning how to improve her health, and searching for the additional projects to succeed in. Recently, she now successfully manages a small but growing group of properties available on Air B&B, providing a highly rated experience in North Florida. A truly devoted wife, a nurturing mother, a devout Christian, Lita will work with Brig to make this newest venture.


With over 30 years of experience, and 2 Stellar and Successful Careers, with Amway & Monavie, he now embarks on what He calls to be his Most Ambitious project. Timing is everything when it comes to attracting the Right Blend of necessary components that can offer an unlimited Opportunity to the Masses of willing new prospects and future micro entrepreneurs.  Nationally and soon to be Internationally.

Brig puts 1st things 1st and declares He as a Believer keeps true to his Core Values, (His Love of God, Family, Country and Business), a Culture created by those Values and a System that equips the folks that choose to follow him  into a Business with a Supreme Cause. 

From Relational Marketing to Social Entrepreneurship, Being at the Right Place, at the Right Time, with the Right Hearted folks  makes for– the Perfect Storm.     History can and will be rewritten with a fresh group of micro entrepreneurs that buy in and choose to Herald that Cause.  Brig calls it a Volunteer Army of Believers.  Come and see where High Tech will lead to High Touch to make a difference in people lives.   People Helping People to evolve their Health, their Homes and their Lives -  Physically, Financially, Emotionally and Spiritually.



 Our oldest son enjoys the outdoor world using his physical talents constructing pool enclosures and scuba diving under boats doing maintenance. An independent entrepreneur like his parents, he continues to explore opportunities that broaden his business acumen.


Brittany is a Los Angeles based  celebrity and editorial fashion stylist. She loves to travel and draws many of her inspirations from the places she’s seen, people she’s met and her experiences along the way. Whether it be the café lined streets of Paris, the runway shows in New York, or the boardwalks of L.A., Brittany constantly has an eye on fashion.


The son who leveraged his love of street skateboarding into a professional career. An adventurer who has traveled the world many times over to concur the unlimited “Gaps”. A business entrepreneur and partner in ventures around his sport. He recently took sponsorship as a professional athlete for EarthWater.