Exciting things are happening at EarthWater in 2018! On 

January 8th,EarthWater announced their new partnership with Brig Hart, one of the biggest names in network marketing history, who is bringing his unique new perspective to the industry that he has built his life serving. With more than 30 years of experience in “relational marketing”, Brig has been an all-star leader, team builder and coach, has successfully recruiting millions of people, producing billions in sales, and breaking more than 500 diamond-ranked professionals in his last venture alone.



 With Brig Hart’s team and his proven expertise in EarthWater’s corner, they now have a clear path to success! Those seeking to improve their physical and financial health are invited to enroll as an EarthWater Affiliate. Affiliates may earn a percentage of products sold through their network. Products will continue to be fulfilled and distributed through Amazon, their exclusive distribution partner.



The Company expansion is in two phases. Phase One: a new Affiliate Marketing Program to launch on 4.14.18. Phase Two: a new Network Marketing Program to launch on 7.4.18.  This opportunity comes before the general public. Because of the faith you continue to place in EarthWater, BOTH programs will include products to share with your network of friends and family, and to grow your own Independent EarthWater business! 


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